7-step guide: How to Design a Unique Logo

1. Research about the client.

Who is it? What does he do? How does his visual identity looks like? How does he want to be seen?

What does he need?

2. Research about his concurrent

How does other same field firm look like? What are the positive point, the negative.

3. Do a moodboard

Pictures, colors, forms, and a concept about what you want to reach.

4. Sketchting

First with paper use pencil perhaps also color marker or something you feel confortable with. Do not stick to long on one idea but try to explore further.

5. Discuss it

Take time to discuss it with your team or with someone extern who could have an other eye to your work, and decide togheter which way to follow.

6. Vectorise it

Take it to your computer and digitalize it. perhaps 3-4 ideas that you decide to be the best.

7. Discuss it again

and take a decision which idea is the best and show 2-3 different possibilities to your client.


“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creative.”

― Charles Mingus


That doesn’t look that complicated but as Charles Mingus once said: