• Misogi Dogi

Misogi Dogi


MISOGI DOGI is a pioneering brand developing sustainable aikido and karate uniforms fully in line with the budo spirit of purity and respect.

We have had the pleasure to collaborate with them, creating all the brand image and visuals. Coming up in 2016.

The Symmetry is universally present - you can find it anywhere. Spirals and perfectly rounded shapes are among us, either in nature or in human creation. The circle is considered by many cultures ever since the ancient times as the perfection.

Aikido represents peace and balance. It is movement and connection with the earth. MISOGI DOGI creates its products respecting nature, so we wanted to capture all these ideas in one single icon.

According to the founder Morihei Ueshiba, MISOGI IS AT THE HEART OF AIKIDO. Misogi is a purification practice opening the path to inner and universal harmony. We believe the aikido spirit is meant to be applied beyond the tatami, encompassing all human relationships and our impact on the environment. Misogi Dogi’s first project is to develop PURE UNIFORMS.

These will be made with respect for the environment and workers: HIGH QUALITY, ORGANIC AND FAIR-TRADE. Soon, you can wear Misogi Dogi uniforms and fully immerse yourself in aikido spirit.

What makes Misogi Dogi special?


Its quality and design


Its organic natural resources


It is fairtrade


It is climate friendly


Its process is transparent


It makes us be one

Create each day a new by clothing yourself with Heaven and Earth, bathing yourself with Wisdom and Love, and placing yourself in the Heart of Mother Nature.

Ueshiba Morihei