Whether if you want to empower your company and stand out between your competition, or if you‘re a newbie and you don‘t know how to get to people, we can help you!. Sichtfeld presents you six (very good indeed!) reasons why you should pay more attention to your branding.

1. It helps you to connect with your clients.
An eye-catching logo is always a good thing! But it’s like your face: No one will ever get to know you if you do not tell them who is really behind this face. Of course a pretty face – we mean, a beautiful logo – is quite important, but you need to transmit to your customers the ideology of your company! Let them know that you match perfectly with them, and that you’re like their better half (professionally speaking, of course!). They will feel somehow connected with you.

2. It generates new customers.
„Oh! Did you heard about this new company that… well, this one that is… with the… you know, right?. Whatever, doesn’t matter“. That’s what someone would talk about your business when you do not have a good branding. With a good one, your company would be much easier to remember, and therefore when someone is so amazed by you, they will transmit this to their friends and so ever. Mouth to mouth is quite important!

3. It helps you be more trustworthy.
If your company looks stable and reliable, it will be easier that your customers trust in you and your services. They will feel comfortable and safe with you and that fills them with pride and satisfaction, and the more they rely on you, the more they will recommend you.

4. It inspires the employees.
Because it’s not the same to work to „whatever“ than to work to „Apple“, just saying!. With a good branding your employees will be proud to say that they are part of your family. The more motivated they are, the better they will work. The better they work, the faster you’re going to grow. Every big company started with two or three employees, do not forget!

5. It provides you an added-value.
Think about how powerful and epic is the slogan of Nike: „Just do it!“. Here they’re not just selling sport clothes and sneakers, they are calling to your emotions and they’re telling you to improve yourself!. That’s what we meant with the ideology. A good branding will provide to your company an added-value.

6. It stands out your strong points.
Sure you have something that makes your company different and unique. A good branding will make those differences shine and that will help you to stand out of your competitors.

Now we propose you an exercise! Think about what would you do to improve your business. What would you change? Now come and tell us! Sichtfeld feels so curious about it and have plenty of ideas for you! Let’s talk!